Bopo Women | Daydream Bath Soak
Bopo Women | Daydream Bath Soak
Bopo Women | Daydream Bath Soak

Bopo Women | Daydream Bath Soak

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BoPo Women have created an uplifting and invigorating zesty bath soak designed to gently revitalise, detox and moisturise the skin. Incorporating a delicate blend of orange and vanilla, luxurious organic flowerss and mineral rich sea salts. This soak was crafted to lift your mood and leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

Vanilla Oil: This soak is all about the dreamers. Vanilla oleoresin essential oil creates a dreamy aroma while also infusing skin with B vitamins to promote skin health.

Sweet Orange Oil: Provides a slight and sweet zesty aroma that improves mood while relieving inflammation in the skin.

Key Ingredients

Organic Lavender Oil & Sprigs: Lavender gently relaxes, soothes muscles and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

Sweet Orange Oil: Orange oil is one of nature’s finest body cleansers, thanks to it’s powerful antibacterial properties and high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Roman Chamomile Oil: Roman Chamomile relieves anxiety, promotes better sleep, eases PMS aches and menstrual cramping.

Kaolin Clay: A deeply purifying and exfoliating mild clay that helps buff stubborn dead skin cells.

Epsom Salts: Epsom salts are known to soothe the body and the mind and they are particularly useful for relieving muscle cramps and other pains.

Self-Care Ritual

Unwind and let go.

Light a candle, put on your favourite music, dim the lights and pour a generous scoop of your Surrender Soak into the tub. We suggest a large handful under running water to infuse your bath with nourishing minerals.

Float a way with our daydream soak:

Light a candle.
Put some music on that makes you feel like a queen.
Make a cup of tea or go for a glass of wine.
Dim the lights & pour a generous scoop of Daydream in the tub.
Bath yourself in dreamy goodness for as long as you can xo