Wattle Threads Heat Pack Large
Wattle Threads Heat Pack Large

Wattle Threads Heat Pack Large

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Soothe and comfort your body with these 100% natural heat packs. No nasty ingredients. They are made using organic cotton, rice, and dried lavender.

These heat packs can be re-used for many years to come and will maintain their beautiful lavender scent which helps to create a sense of relaxation. They are ideal to help ease all aches, pains, and stiffness or simply to warm and calm you.

Not only will you love these locally madein Ballarat Victoria heat packs, but so will your family and friends! They are packaged ready to give as a thoughtful gift.

- Large – 36cm x 14cm

HOW TO USE HEAT PACK: Heat in the microwave in one-minute increments until the heat pack reaches desired temperature. Carefully remove from the microwave, give the heat pack a gentle shake to disperse the heat evenly then place on the desired area of your body.
CAUTION: Be careful not to overheat - this will reduce the life of your heat pack, do not leave unattended when microwaving, may cause burns (use caution when applying to skin, if it is too warm, please let it cool down as needed).

Handmade with love in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. We love supporting small business.