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Easter Time is Bunny Time

What is it about and why do we have so many bunnies in our physical store and online? This is a question that I keep asking myself. We all know that the #1 bunny going around would have to be Jellycat Bunnies. They come in so many colours and sizes, are so soft and suitable for all ages and genders. Not only do they make the best baby gifts but we have collectors waiting for new releases. I have even given my own adult children their very own Jellycat Bunny when they have moved out of home to cuddle when they are missing me.

Running a very close #2 would be the Peter Rabbit Collection. We simply can't get enough of Peter Rabbit and his friends. There is such a broad variety of gifts in this range including their favorite all time books, plenty of plush to choose from, dinnerware and collectable Peter Rabbit figurines. Peter Rabbit & Flopsy Bunny never go out of style and are a lovely addition to any baby nursery.

Take a look at the range from Bunnies by The Bay. Not as well-known as Peter Rabbit and Jellycat Bunnies they offer quite a selection of plush and nursery items. The most popular would have to be the Silly Buddy comforters. These comforters are the cutest and are a definite winner for any newborn gift. In the range also are soft rattles, buddy blankets, various size bunnies and bibs.

A little bunny range that we shouldn't forget about is Miffy. Miffy has been around for a long time and has made a bit of a comeback recently. It is a only a small range of plush but still very cute and highly collectible.

As you can see by the time we have all these ranges displayed my store can look overrun with bunnies. Easter time is such a wonderful time of year and we love setting up our window displays for all the locals to see.

Happy Easter Everyone 

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